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The Golden Rule, 2018

16" x 20"

Oil on canvas

Paper Lanterns, 2019

24" x 24"

Oil on canvas

Amber Allen is a contemporary painter whose work combines her love of scientific theory, space travel, science fiction, and her Jewish heritage. Working primarily with oil paints, she uses a combination of palette knife and brushwork to give her work texture and interest. A graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Allen has exhibited her work in solo and group shows in California and South Carolina, and paints full time at her studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.​

Light Blue Thoughts, 2020

18" x 24"

Spray paint and acrylic screen print on wood

Amelie is a French-American street artist living in San Francisco. After having grown up in 8 different cities she has a passion for traveling and cultures that translates into the personal work. Most of Amelie's street art came to be during shelter in place in San Francisco during Covid. As the city shut down and boards went up, she saw an opportunity to bring a little bit of light to the streets.

Craters, 2020

24" x 24"

Bedsheet, Spray Paint

Amy Lange is an artist based in San Francisco, California. She is a native of the west coast, having grown up half her life in the San Francisco Bay Area and the other half in rural Central Oregon. She received her BFA in Fibers from the University of Oregon in 2009, and received her MFA from California College of the Arts in spring 2017. She is a founding member of Borderline Art Collective in San Francisco.

Amuseland, 2020

24" x 16"

Paint markers

Ayesha is an artist and freelance product illustrator. She completed her studies in Visual Communication at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay and began her career as a Product Illustrator with Flipkart, India. She is now based out of San Francisco, California and works from her home studio.

Balance, 2013

6" x 6" each

rust, paper, resin (rust is from staples taken off of telephone poles in San Francisco)

Someguy, also known as Brian Singer, is a San Francisco based fine artist whose projects have received international attention. His art ranges from intimate works with paper and books, to large scale installations and participatory projects. In addition to being recognized with numerous awards and publications, he has served as the president of the San Francisco chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design and taught at Academy of Art University.

Agave/El Nopal-Set of 2, 2018

15 1/2"x 20" each

Mixed media on paper

Born and raised in California, Granillo found early artistic and creative inspiration through his barrio Community with Chicano / Mexican roots to north and southern Mexico. . Granillo’s work and style/subjects of preference are, abstract, Figurative, cubism ,surrealism, landscapes , and folk. Granillo is currently working in the San Francisco Bay Area . Using mix media on paper and canvas, dabbeling into the wider pallette of artistic mediums such as printmaking, sculpture, and murals.


El Nopal

Sold Out, 2016

3" x 4.25"

2,500 handwoven glass beads

Danielle Andress is a Chicago based artist. She produces primarily non-functional weavings that investigate our relationships with consumable images and objects. She earned her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the California College of the Arts. Danielle is a co-founding and active member of Borderline Art Collective (San Francisco) and an Assistant Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Don't forget to look at the stars, 2020

9" x 12"

Ink on panel

'Walking gives us a chance to slow down, for our thoughts to catch up with us. Walking is also a way to for us to connect to the neighborhoods we live in. Walking makes it easier to meet people; to stop and look around. In life, scenes exist as a memory—a meditation of the past and what is to come. Painting requires me to slow down—like walking through my neighborhood.' - Dyer

Care Not Cops, 2020

36" x 29"

Collaged parts of two different quilts, vintage found fabric, thread

Flora's work is currently dancing within this loop: from object that creates performance, to performance that creates sculpture, to sculpture that creates still image, to still image as archive of an object. Wilds uses clothing, textiles, accessories, words, research, Instagram, my body, systems of movement, and sometimes industrial materials. I am often thinking about the commodification of femininity, digital excesses, the archival gaze, formal/conceptual responses to Minimalism, working out, growing up in Southern California, and popular culture of the 2000s.

Gossipers 2, 2019

10" x 8"

India Ink and gouache on paper

Isis Hockenos (b. Marshall, California, 1986) studied painting and printmaking at Sarah Lawrence College in New York (BA, 2009) and in Florence, Italy. Using Oils, India Ink, Gouache and Installation / Event Production, Hockenos explores ideas of shape-shifting, transformation, masks and identity. Through vibrant visual narrative, sometimes parabolic, at other times more abstruse, she takes her experiences and surroundings and weaves them into a personal mythology, a cannon of stories that has been developing throughout her life and that she employs to better understand the world around her. She is interested in human relationships (intimate, erotic, platonic, professional etc.) and in the push and pull, the tension of these relationships. Hockenos lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

The Circle, 2018

20" x 21"


Jen Bloomer is the founder of Radici Studios. She has painted and taught art in Guatemala, Chile, Italy, Eritrea, Kenya, Thailand, India, Colorado and California. After earning a BA in International Studies at Middlebury College in Vermont, she completed a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Painting at SACI in Florence, Italy, and a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. For the last two decades, Jen has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds giving space for them to find their unique creative voice in the world through the arts. She believes that using creativity to share our truths and the act of listening to one another's stories are an essential part of a more equitable world.

Gateway, 2016

24" x 30"

Oil, acrylic, mixed technique on wood panel

King's work explores the detritus of our artificial world in relation to nature. with the departure from figurative and attempt at realism his new work abandons most of the literal and uses mark making, shape, and color to create abstract clutter whilst integrating reference to a familiar object. His work attempts to divulge the inevitable artificiality in the natural landscape. investigating the concept of all material objects eventually returning to the earth, that even life can come from what once was merely discarded debris. These color fields become ethereal and surreal in what can only be described as playful and joyous. even though the subject may have a dark and serious message, his delivery is colorful and bright, his mark- uncanny and digestible. .

Desert Shores, 2010

16" x 20"

Oil on canvas

Lauren Jade Szabo is a Los Angeles born artist who lives and works in Oakland, CA. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration from California College of the Arts with distinction, and received an MFA Fellowship from San Francisco Art Institute for graduate study in Painting, completed in 2018. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is in private collections in Europe and the United States. Szabo currently exhibits with SFMOMA Artist's Gallery and teaches Painting in the public education department at the San Francisco Art Institute.

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Serpent Queen, 2012

16" x 12"

Mixed media

'My artwork has come from memories of summers spent leaping and diving, doing cannonballs and back flips, participating in breath holding contests and looking up through chlorine filtered sunlight daydreaming. In water, we become weightless, buoyant and free both in mind and body. As a competitive swimmer and Psychologist for most of my life, these are elements I consciously integrate into my work. Using found objects, paint and photographs, I create nostalgic paintings of the past I carry with me into the present.' - Morgan

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Blood Moon, 2018


Watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper

MALISA is an Oakland based Illustrator born and raised in Singapore. She finds joy in reflecting her world and the human experience, capturing moments that are oftentimes overlooked. Drawing from personal experiences, a meditation on relationships and the celebration of the beauty of the human body are all reoccurring themes in her work. She has a strong attraction to natural and organic subjects, using art as a platform to creating dialogues between life and death, man and nature, peace and conflict. Using watercolors, gouache, and acrylic as her main medium, she remains a lover for traditional art in a technological age.

Shadow IX, 2018

18.75" x 20.5" framed


Marissa Geoffroy moved from New York to the Bay Area in 2014. She received her MFA in Fine Art from California College of the Arts. Marissa is a painter, photographer and sculptor. She is intrigued in spaces and architecture, and by the philosophical implications of human perception. She is also a founding member of Borderline Art Collective, which aims to support local artists, provide a venue for discourse, and expand art appreciation in the Bay Area.

Into the Darkness, 2019

20" x 24"

Acrylic on canvas

'Konorebi is derived from the Japanese verb Komorebi. Komorebi describes a very specific type of lighting and translates to, when light shines through leaves on trees in a forest. I chose to base my name from komorebi for a few reasons. First, I love traditional Japanese culture, especially the way it honors nature and simplicity. I also find it humbling and fascinating that there are words in cultures other than my own that do not directly translate to English. Finally, my art is visual. We would not be able to use our vision to see art without light. To me lighting is everything. When I am in a forest and see komorebi, those angel-like rays create a magical feeling inside of me. This feeling is what I strive to recreate for people viewing my art. This is why I chose the name Konorebi.' - Bruhn

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Blue Looking Down Wall Hanging, 2020

48" x 54"

Painting on canvas

A California native, Orlando Soria has been a staple of the design community for more than ten years. After growing up in Yosemite National Park, he moved to the east coast for college, where he received degrees from Cornell and The University of Pennsylvania. After working as a music publicist in New York City he landed back on the West Coast, where his career in design began. He got his big break into the world of HGTV and interior design when he was hired as Emily Henderson’s assistant on the series “Secrets from a Stylist.” Since, he’s operated his own design firm, created Hommemaker Blog (now, written a book called “Get It Together,” and filmed two seasons of his HGTV show “Build Me Up.”

Lotus Rose Blossom, 2020

24" x 30"

Acrylic on wood

Robert Louthan (b. 1986) is a trained graphic designer and self taught artist born in San Francisco and raised on the coast in Pacifica, California. He is passionately committed to the upliftment of society through Art. Louthan's artwork is a labor of Love, shining a light on the depth and beauty of the human experience. Combining elements of motion, color, landscape, and message - his paintings allow the imagination to roam free and explore.

Emerging Homie, 2020

24" x 24"

Spray paint on canvas

'Greetings! I’m a San Francisco based street artist creating big foot / big eyed homie characters for everyone to see, smile and enjoy. Street art is an amazing outlet that brings more character to a city and lets the public interact with the work at any time. I create street art with the goal of delivering small bits of happiness to people every day. I’m having a blast sharing my creations and I hope you enjoy.'

- Yon